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As the pace of adoption of Cloud Technologies accelerates, new ways of doing business are being invented and new technologies are emerging to fill the new requirements. As technology providers, we believe in providing the right advice at the right time to you and by virtue of having hands-on real world experience of working with Cloud technologies, we know the advantages and risks associated with going to Cloud - and we would be delighted to share that with you. At Postero, we work with new generation technologies like Angularjs, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix to create solutions that deliver the maximum value to you.

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Data, Data everywhere and not an insight in sight! While we find that there is a lot of Data available today with organizations, what is missing is the ability to look at the Data in a way that creates insights into the business. Our experience shows that getting a clean, scrubbed version of the data that can be used for various analyses is the first stumbling block and also where many organizations falter. Then comes the problem of which Data techniques and tools to be used so as to be able to quickly get business insights. At Postero, we can not only help you identify and clean data and identify techniques and tools to be used for your specific purpose but also ensure that you quickly get RoI on your investment in DataSciences and not get caught in "analysis – paralysis" type situation.

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Given the pace at which businesses need to respond to changes in their environment, the need of the day is speed, speed and more speed. This obviously brings in tremendous challenges when it comes to implementing changes to systems quickly so that your customers are able to get the latest developments. In the traditional model, there was a need to bring down the system, implement new versions, do a smoke test and then bring the new system back online. Today, DevOps methodologies ensure that you don't have to have a system downtime and ensure that your systems are available all the time for your customers and partners. At Postero, we have worked with the latest in CDCI (Continuous Development and Continuous Integration) tools like Maven, Eclipse, Jenkins etc - so that you can leverage the full power DevOps and ensure your technology keeps pace with your business needs.

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