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Agile Development

While Waterfall methodology is still being used, it is fair to say that Agile is mainstream now. Agile's evolutionary approach makes the end product more palatable to users than Waterfall's revolutionary approach – ensuring much higher % of project success. At Postero we believe Agile is the best methodology for today's enterprise and we follow Agile by default. We believe the very nature of Agile development also lends itself well to providing visibility with everyone knowing what each member of the team is working on and with everyone sharing common infrastructure as well – this also addresses the Transparency requirement of many of our clients.

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Communication is the lifeblood of any project and at Postero we believe that there is no such thing as over communication. We follow a very detailed communication protocol that occur at regular intervals – daily, weekly and monthly. The content, stakeholders and communication medium (phone, webex etc.) is also detailed out at the very beginning of the project and is adhered to throughout the lifecycle of the project. Wherever there is an Onsite Co-ordinator / Project Manager, the communication plan is accordingly tuned so as to ensure that all communication is channeled through the Onsite person. In addition to frequent, formal communication, at Postero we encourage free flowing communication between you, the client, and our team and for longer duration projects, we would encourage at least a few in person meetings.

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Release management

Surprisingly, based on our combined 100 years of experience in software development and deployment, we find that most organizations and most projects fail to create a proper process and supporting infrastructure for ensuring the success of the project. Some basic elements like creation of separate environment for QA/Testing is almost always compromised which while "saving" money in the short term creates huge issues and ends up "costing" the project much higher than required. At Postero, we insist on following the industry best practices and the high success rates we have seen in our projects tell us that we are on the right path. When you work with us, we will first communicate the Release Management process, the requirements thereof, modify the process as required and as appropriate and then implement them. Like they say the proof of the pudding is in eating it – and a sound Release management process ensures that the pudding is cooked well all the time and every time.

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W. Edwards Deming, the father of modern quality management principles, once famously said "In God we trust, all others bring data". At Postero we believe that this adage is very relevant in a customer – vendor partner relationship. We believe in tracking various metrics like Code complexity, Defect Density, Effort Variance etc. – and reporting them to you so as to ensure that you are completely in the know of the status of the project. These metrics are regularly tracked and reported to you through regular interactions between the two teams.

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Engagement model

There are different models by which we can work with our customers – purely offshore, onsite-offshore, short term engagements, long term engagements, direct onsite presence, indirect onsite presence etc. Flexibility is the cornerstone of our company and we will work with you to esnure that we create a engagement model that is convenient and mutually acceptable to all. From our experience we find that while short term projects can work well in pure offshore model, mid to long term projects are better run through some onsite presence.

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