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Support Services

Once Sitecore is implemented – we are all done – right? Yes – but for the time being only. This is because no business is static and because no business operates in a static environment. So, there is a need to do constant changes, enhancements and support to the Sitecore installation so that your business remains competitive and is able to thrive in this environment of fast and constant change.

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Migration / Upgradation Services

As businesses experience change happening at an almost frantic pace, its delivery channels – Social media, Website, Mobile – also need to change equally quickly. This why most organizations are migrating from older, non flexible content management solutions to Sitecore. Likewise Sitecore customers on older versions want to move to the latest version so as to be able to fully leverage the new features and functions being added by Sitecore. Postero can help your organization move to the newer version of Sitecore smoothly and quickly by leveraging its frameworks, connectors and templates – all in a very cost efficient manner.

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Training and Consulting Services

After undergoing Sitecore training, many organizations feel the need for add-on training on varied topics - .NET, CXM etc. Also, many organizations want to conduct refresher trainings for their people. Postero’s training services “surround” the training provided by Sitecore and address several areas so that organizations are able to derive maximum value from their Sitecore installation.

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