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Legacy Modernization

As technologies change at a rapid pace, many institutions find their older systems inflexible and cumbersome – thus becoming "legacy" applications. To succeed in todays fast paced tech world, the theme for building systems is not "built to last" but rather "built to adapt". While fixing "what ain't broke" is not easy decision to make – but not doing anything today only pushes out what is inevitable. At Postero, we are technology agnostic and can help you map out your Legacy Modernization journey and ensure that you are able to modernize your applications driven by your business need and RoI.

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Systems Integration

Often times when organizations choose Commercially available Off The Shelf (COTS) products, there is a lot of integration work that needs to happen to make the new product succeed in the technology eco-system. This integration work needs to happen in three places – one on the new product side, another on the existing eco-system side and finally on the middleware platform (if it exists). While the new product vendor can and usually does take care of changes on their side, the changes in the other two places are something that Postero can help you with – making changes to the existing eco-system; creating a middle layer or customizing the enterprise service bus and finally doing integration testing to ensure that all the parts of the new eco-system work as they should.

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New Development

As businesses change – either due to regulations or customer preferences and customer behavior or due to competition – you might feel the need to build new systems to enable new ways of doing business. A prime example is the use of mobile devices. Even if there is no need to build an "app", the fact that many people may access your website or do transactions on your website through their mobile devices, means that you will need to enable access to data and internal systems through mobile devices and at the very least make your systems mobile responsive. The need of the day is to be able to quickly go to market with the new solution so that you are able to gain the competitive advantage and your customer's mind and market share.

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