What we are doing

Functional Testing

Testing is not only needed more than ever before but has also become more complex than ever before. In addition to multitude of systems interacting with every application within the organization, now applications have to interact with systems outside the organization as well. All this means more and more thorough testing including negative testing is required so as to ensure that the system that is rolled out is fool and failure proof. At Postero as an independent verification and validation company, we can help you write test cases, execute test cases, create regression test bed for repetitive testing. We can even perform User Acceptance Testing on your behalf so that the business users have to spend minimal time in testing the applications.

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Non functional testing

While most people think of Performance testing when they think of Non functional testing – at Postero we know that there is so much more today that needs to be done in the Non functional testing space – including multitude of OS and mobile devices testing, security testing, online / offline testing etc. At Postero we can help you with all these areas including performance testing by working with your processes and tools, where appropriate, and ensuring that the application is thoroughly tested to perform well in the real world.

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